Technical Writing | The cost of Technical and Process documentation

Michael Clark/ October 13, 2013/ Document management, Documentation, Process Documentation, Technical Documentation, Technical Writer

Why is it that companies view the cost of Technical and Process documentation as an unnecessary expenditure rather than viewing documentation as a centre of knowledge? Management seems to have a blind spot when it comes to documentation and conveniently forgets the role of documentation. When redundancies beckon, I know how quickly the technical documentation department will be sacrificed. When management

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Technical Writing | Hiring a Technical Writer

Michael Clark/ October 13, 2013/ Documentation, Technical Writer, Technical Writing

Budgets for the job When you start the process of Hiring a Technical Writer, my advice is this: do not cut corners when sourcing a budget: Check the daily rates/hourly rates. Do not expect an experienced technical writer if the daily rate is derisory. If your rate is low, you will attract Technical Writers with less experience whereby the result could be a

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