Technical Writing | General Data Protection Regulations

writer201/ January 21, 2018/ Document management, Documentation, GDPR, Process Documentation, Technical Writer, Technical Writing

GDPR On the 25th May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force. Companies outside the EU If your Company actively trades within the EU and stores, processes or shares EU citizens’ data, then GDPR does apply to you. Compliance and documentation One of the primary rules is that under GDPR Process activities MUST be documented. Companies are required to maintain

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Technical Writing | Project Managers and Technical Writers

Michael Clark/ January 13, 2018/ Technical Documentation, Technical Writer, Technical Writing

Can project managers and technical writers get along? I always tell Project Managers that Technical Writers are highly organised. They juggle numerous tasks and switch between them with ease. They also have great people skills working with coders, engineers, and technicians of various shades. In the meantime, they manage a ream of documentation while taking instructions from SMEs. Occasionally a project manager

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Technical Writing | Passive vs Active Sentences

Michael Clark/ January 11, 2018/ Documentation, Technical Documentation, Technical Writer, Technical Writing

What is a passive sentence? A Passive sentence is a grammatical voice prevalent in many of the world’s languages. In a clause with passive voice, the grammatical subject expresses the theme or patient of the main verb – that is, the person or thing that undergoes the action or has its state changed. Passive vs Active I can already

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Technical Writing | Interviewing SMEs

Michael Clark/ January 9, 2018/ Documentation, Process Documentation, Technical Documentation, Technical Writer, Technical Writing

Without Subject Matter Experts to impart their knowledge about their technologies writing that content will be a harder job. So, how does an experienced technical writer consider approaching and interviewing Subject matter experts? I base my advice on my personal experiences of talking to and working with SMEs. You will no doubt find, like me, that some SMEs are difficult while

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Technical Writing | Professional vs Amateur, its a matter of choice

Michael Clark/ January 9, 2018/ Documentation, Technical Documentation, Technical Writer, Technical Writing

A LinkedIn connection shared a poster, which read: Professional vs Amateur; If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur. In 2004 I had two interviews; one in Watford and Cambridge. Both were software companies looking for a Technical Writer. Neither interview went to plan as in both cases the interviewer seemed distracted and uncertain what

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Technical Writing | Sourcing a technical writer

Michael Clark/ January 9, 2018/ Technical Writer, Technical Writing

When sourcing a technical writer, you will need to ensure that their experience matches your requirements. It goes without saying that you need to source one who has the right knowledge, background and expertise. At the interview they should aptly demonstrate that experience by way of samples; if not keep searching until you do. Productive years as a Technical Writer

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Technical Writing | The risks of poor document management

Michael Clark/ January 8, 2018/ Document management, Documentation, Technical Documentation, Technical Writer

The risks of poor document management stem from managing multiple types of documents in different formats, workflows and updates. If the documents, which are in constant use have no defined structure it will lead to an uncontrolled and unmanaged repository. This haphazard approach to managing the document Lifecycle impedes employee productivity. The scenario is this: you are sitting at your desk when your

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Technical Writing | Disaster Recovery Plan

Michael Clark/ January 7, 2018/ Disaster recovery, disaster recovery plan, Documentation, Technical Writer

Document the Disaster Recovery Plan Remember, to be effective you must be prepared to document the plan. Without the documentation you risk the possibility of NOT recovering from a disaster, therefore placing the entire company at risk. If you have no existing documentation that describes the functions of the company’s servers and their hosted Applications, consider writing relevant Operating Document. In the

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Technical Writing | Technical documentation vs Helpdesk

Michael Clark/ January 7, 2018/ Helpdesk Support, Technical Documentation, Technical Writer, Technical Writing

Technical Documentation vs Helpdesk – Despite the reluctance to invest in technical documentation, many managers bypass a proven way to cut back on calls to the Helpdesk. No doubt many helpdesks provide an excellent service and manage the demands of the users. The problem with most technical documentation including user guides is that it is incomplete and full of gaps.

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Technical Writing | What is technical writing and why you need it

Michael Clark/ January 7, 2018/ Documentation, Technical Documentation, Technical Writer, Technical Writing

What is Technical Writing? Technical writing is a skill and should you hear a Project Manager or Subject Matter Expert say: ‘anyone can write so “why do you need a Technical Writer?” continue reading. Technical Writing like many jobs has many facets. The fact you see Writer in the job title suggests to the uninitiated that primarily we write. You

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