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One of the greatest challenges in projects is the need to comply with certain rules and regulations. Traditionally, compliance is documented as requirements (typically non-functional) during the project planning phase; however, there are organisational elements that make this compliance documentation project even more complex.

compliance projects
compliance projects

Technical Writers who have worked on compliance projects will cite GDPR and PCI/DSS as the two Projects that generate more documentation than many Project Managers can comprehend. They also take a lot of time to complete and therefore require commitment from management to ensure the project is completed satisfactorily.


Ensuring procedures in your business are well documented will mean you can show you have been following procedures if any legal action is taken against your business.

Documenting procedures is an important aspect of running your business. Not only can it help improve efficiencies and boost productivity, it can also allow you to take much-needed time off for a vacation and not worry about the future of your business.

Documenting your processes keeps all your staff informed.