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ITIL operating documentation offers a standard and accepted approach to managing business and IT services.

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Challenges in Service Operation

The critical problem in service operations is delivering daily services while maintaining value. Services staff need an overall view of the service operation to manage threats and to secure the service. The challenge is to provide a complete service. One that considers business and technical aspects instead of focusing on individual parts.

Benefits of adopting ITIL for Service Operation

Adopting  the Service Operation publication will help an organisation deliver significant benefits, such as:

  • The aim is to reduce costs by managing service outages and identifying their root causes.
  • This will enable the business and its customers to benefit from uninterrupted services, resulting in added value.
  • The provision of operational results and data facilitates continual improvement and
  • better investment decision-making.
  • Quick access to standard services to help users improve their productivity or the quality of business services and products.
  • Authorised personnel will access IT services under the company’s security policy.

ITIL Operating documentation is essential to:

    • Support activity planning (Capacity and Configuration Management
    • Manage growth/time to market (Change ManagementRelease and Deployment Management)
    • Reduce error rates (Commissioning procedures, Quality Assurance, checklists)
    • Conform to Regulatory and Compliance requirements (Health & Safety)
    • Maintain Security Levels (Information Security, Access Management)
    • Risk Reduction
    • Operational activities (Event MonitoringIncident Management, Request Management, Infrastructure Support)
    • Knowledge Management (CMDB, Knowledgebase)
    • Simplify access to information (online information and forms)
    • Communication of effectiveness measures (CSFs, KPIs and Management Reporting