Technical Author; learn how to project manage documentation projects

As a technical author expert, I recommend that other technical authors should learn how to plan their documentation projects. One of the most common issues project managers face is underestimating the complexity of documentation projects. This can have negative consequences on the project’s success, as inadequate timelines and impossible targets can be set without consulting professionals for advice.

Technical authors should prioritise learning how to plan their documentation projects. Project managers underestimate the complexity of such projects, leading to negative consequences for their success. Consulting professionals for advice is crucial to avoid setting unrealistic timelines and targets.

Documenting anything takes longer than project managers realise. They often prioritise other aspects of the project over documentation, leading to inadequate planning for documentation efforts. Project managers must plan and execute documentation projects more efficiently to achieve goals.

Clear communication with stakeholders and team members involved in the writing stages is paramount. Establishing communication channels to ensure the successful planning and execution of documentation projects is crucial. People need to understand the expectations of the team they will work with.

Project managers who underestimate the time-consuming document review and revision phases often realise they need more time to complete their plans too late. Therefore, project plans can lead to issues when changes or updates are required.

To ensure proper documentation planning for documentation projects, project managers must understand the unique challenges and requirements associated with technical writing and documentation. Involving documentation experts in the planning stages leads to more successful documentation projects. So, project managers must consult technical authors to ensure the success of documentation projects. However, having a technical author who can lead the project and make adequate provision for managing over 50 documents might be a better idea and offer better results.

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