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PCI | Technical Writing | Techwriting

What is PCI

The company’s cardholder data environment (CDE) demonstrates Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The type of audit depends on two points:

  • the compliance requirements of the payment brand and
  • the level of the merchant/service provider as defined by that brand.

One aspect that management overlook is the importance of the documentation. When complete it defines how the company complies with PCI regulations.

PCI Documentation, Monitoring and Audit Logs

An auditor will check that the documentation provides evidence of compliance.

The auditor will review your processes, log files, policies, processes and network flow diagrams.

A secure company will fail a compliance audit if its SecurityTechnical Writing Blogs Policy does not adequately fulfil each of the Standard’s 12 requirements.

You must demonstrate at an audit that you have documented the policies, procedures and supporting processes. Network flow diagrams must be readily available as proof.

Documentation is essential to a PCI project. Therefore note the following piece of advice.

  • Be sure to allocate enough financial resources to the writing requirements.
  • Make sure you prepare for the documentation early in the project.
  • Do not start preparing to start the documentation when the end of the project is within sight – it will be too late!
  • you might need more than one Technical Writer

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