Think Ahead | Michael Clark

Are your support costs exceeding the budget? Has there been a recent event that left staff floundering unable to move forward and manage the event due to a lack of recognised processes?

When every penny counts and time is of value, it is worth considering how process documentation would save your company money. Over the long-term, the saving could be generous.

Consider the following:

Q. Your IT Infrastructure fails over

A. Without Disaster Recovery plans or Incident Management processes and Plans, how will staff restore your system?

Q: An event such as an Alert or Incident occurs

A: Do you have an Event or Incident Management process to follow

Q. You are about to undergo a Data Centre Transformation, Migration to  combine multiple IT infrastructures into a single Data Centre

A. Without technical documentation to describe the configuration and technical detail of your servers and their functions; you cannot plan your co-location/consolidation

A. Without operational process documentation, Knowledge Transfer scripts to hand over to the new management at your New Data Centre can you be confident of a continued uninterrupted control of your Network

Q. Your document management library lacks structure meaning no one can find the relevant documents, and your business is losing money because your staff cannot remember the many ways involved to complete a sale

A. With access to a structured document library and up to date procedural documentation your employees can stay focused on the job

Q. Long serving, experienced staff, resigns for pastures new taking with them vital knowledge
A. Formulate a company policy to capture and store all technical detail to make sure your existing team can continue to support productivity.

Technical and Process Documentation will help senior management maintain production. When staff are informed, and confident Senior management can relax instead of chasing failures in the business process chain.
So, ask yourself: how would my employees and customers benefit from well-written documentation?

Answer: it will save my company time and money, boost our productivity and do the same for my customers.
I aim to help clients to manage their documentation requirements, offer a professional Technical Authoring service designed to enhance the usability of your company’s documentation and save money.
Specialities: BCP, Disaster RecoveryDocumentation for Data Centre Consolidations/Migrations transformation and change, SharePoint; Excellent communication skills; persistence to finish a job and the ability to pitch a document at the right level.