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Technical Writing | Sourcing a technical writer

Michael Clark/ January 9, 2018/ Technical Writer, Technical Writing

When sourcing a technical author, ensure their experience matches your requirements. You need to source one who has the right knowledge, background and expertise. At the interview, they should talk through that experience; if not keep searching until you do. Productive years as a Technical Writer An experienced Technical writer can only be an asset to your team or project. The longer

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Technical Writing | Technical documentation vs Helpdesk

Michael Clark/ January 7, 2018/ Helpdesk Support, Technical Documentation, Technical Writer, Technical Writing

Technical Documentation vs Helpdesk – Despite the reluctance to invest in technical documentation, many managers bypass a proven way to cut back on calls to the Helpdesk. No doubt many helpdesks provide an excellent service and manage the demands of the users. The problem with most technical documentation including user guides is that it is incomplete and full of gaps.

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Technical Writing | What is technical writing and why you need it

Michael Clark/ January 7, 2018/ Documentation, Technical Documentation, Technical Writer, Technical Writing

What is Technical Writing? Technical writing is a skill and should you hear a Project Manager or Subject Matter Expert say: ‘anyone can write so “why do you need a Technical Writer?” continue reading. Technical Writing like many jobs has many facets. The fact you see Writer in the job title suggests to the uninitiated that primarily we write. You

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Technical Writing | Hire a Technical Writer sooner, rather than later

Michael Clark/ January 6, 2018/ Documentation, GDPR, Policy documentation, Procedure documentation, Process Documentation, Technical Documentation

As a Technical Writer with over Twenty Years of experience, I have a question for Project Managers and Subject Matter Experts. Have you ever been involved in planning a project (PCI, GDPR, ISO27001, ITIL) where documentation is critical; if so, how did it go? Crucially, did the project achieve its aims of delivering ALL the documentation? If not – do

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