Technical Author skills

As a technical author, you need skills that will yield many benefits. I know us for being versatile, often exceeding expectations. Our primary goal is to advise on the best way to manage your growing tech docs library efficiently and effectively. That being said, there are certain skills that I find important as a technical author:

      1. Maintaining a sense of humour
      2. Preventing subject matter experts from dominating the conversation
      3. Remaining flexible
      4. Maintaining courtesy, even in the face of rudeness
      5. Diplomacy, even in the face of ingratitude
      6. Appreciating project managers’ poor jokes
      7. Not allowing technical specialists to convince you that your job is less important than their ego
      8. Technical specialists, project managers, and developers are important, but so is your role..
      9. Smiling, even when faced with challenges
      10. Remaining committed to the path of light and using the power of the pen to bring about change
      11. remain honest about any delays without making excuses.

If you find these skills unattainable, it may be time to consider an alternative career path.