Technical Authoring | Operational Documentation

 If you manage an extensive network, let me ask a question. 

Do you know the function of every networked server and what software it hosts, and can you pinpoint the source if something goes wrong? 

Have you heard of operating documentation which contains the functions and capabilities of networks, applications, and components, including software applications?

The purpose is to provide a means to manage the day-to-day technical operations and cover issues, such as server or software application failure. it also provides management with an overview of the network and avoids buying hardware and software already in place. Project Manager, Design Architects and specialised IT staff have information to hand when planning a major project, such as

    • to provide a reference for a new starter who needs to master the network.

Operational documentation – is necessary when a quality description of the system possibilities or training for final users is required. Where there is no documentation or responsibility for its creation, it can affect the system’s efficiency.

The Operational document provides the IT teams with information on the daily operations of the entire IT infrastructure and provides new starters with an introduction to the infrastructure.

    1. The production of operational documentation for the IT Infrastructure
    2. Techwriting defines the content of the document as required by the needs of the customer
    3. Description of user typical processes and operation procedure

With high-quality operational documentation, you will be able to:

      • enhance system support and maintenance efficiency;
      • cut expenses for training of new employees;
      • optimise working processes;
      • reduce risks of user errors causing system failures;
    • reduce risks should key employees resign

Why Do You Need an Operational Documentation?

An operating manual must be helpful and consistent in its use of terminology and language.

Create a standard for your IT department: A written plan will ensure the team knows how the IT network functions, leading to well-informed employees.

Trace faults. Systems that grew organically become unmanageable when the Network teams struggle daily to locate technical errors.

Cut costs: With manuals, IT managers can avoid buying existing software and hardware already in place.

What does an Operations document contain?

An excellent operating manual will contain at least the following headings:

      • Contact details
      • SLAs
      • Infrastructure diagram
      • List of Servers and their functions
      • Basic Recovery information
      • Daily/ weekly upkeep routines
      • List of hosted software
      • Start-up and shut-down rules
      • Backup details
    • Anti-Virus profiles