Atlassian Confluence as a collaboration tool

Use Atlassian confluence as a collaboration tool to manage content and help your teams work closer, and boost productivity.

If you are looking for a technical author with Atlassian Confluence experience I can hit the ground running and transform your site. My extensive experience using Atlassian Confluence with the following companies:

      • PwC
      • Weight Watchers
      • Raytheon

Do you need clear well-written content describing how to manage content, spaces, tagging, develop templates, retention periods and set up a structure to avoid repetitive information appearing in different spaces? 

Collaboration with Atlassian 

  • Create a structure such as People, Processes & Technology,
  • identify the list of spaces you need to create,
  • take the time to define your page structure,
  • use page templates,
  • increase productivity by using Confluence macros,
  • organise your attachments,
  • avoid redundant content,
  • label your content,
  • grant permissions,
  • train Confluence users to adopt best practices.

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