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Required Skills for Technical authors

The required skills for technical authors will, I guarantee, provide many suggestions. As a profession, we are flexible, adaptable, and resourceful. We can achieve far more than people expect with our multiple job-related skills. Be in no doubt our aim is to help and advise and manage your growing techdocs library efficiently.

The required skills for technical authors

However, as a technical author, I have my take on the required skills
1. keep a sense of humour
2. don’t allow SMEs to talk over your head
3. stay flexible
4. be courteous even in the face of rudeness
5. be a diplomat  .  .  . even in the face of ingratitude,
6. always laugh at the project managers’ poor jokes
7. never allow techies to convince you that your job is less important than their ego
8. always allow techies, PMs and developers to think they are more important than you . . . because you know better!
9. Smile, your colleagues will wonder what you’re up to
10. Do not be tempted by the dark side. Stay with the force as the pen is mightier.
11. never offer excuses why the document is late, be honest . . .
if you feel that all the above are unachievable, then quit the day job and find a new career.

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