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Are you on the brink of contracting a Technical Author to manage your documentation? Perhaps you have a  technical documentation project in the pipeline to support a major project.

The documentation could be:

  • Payment Cards Industry,
  • ISO27001,
  • operating documentation for a transformation project, or
  • disaster recovery/BCP.

These projects take time, therefore, my advice is NOT to delay even now. Tech Doc projects by their nature are time-consuming due to the many phases they pass through. If you have yet to complete the discovery phase to identify which titles you need, prepare yourself because you could be in for a shock. There may be more documents than you anticipate. Hence you need to get the project underway.

To ease the pain, how can I help you?

Generic Documentation

I have a vast collection of generic documentation; with content and where applicable VISIO Diagrams covering the following:

  • PCI, (Clear desk, backup process, security procedures and many more)
  • ISO27001,
  • GDPR,
  • ITIL (incident management, Event management, Change, Problem, Capacity, Availability, all come with process and flow diagrams),

The following are defined templates with pre-set headings. Users will need to add technical content.

  • Operating documents
  • Installation guides
  • Disaster recovery, and
  • BCP.

By talking to your teams to understand your requirements, we can tweak the generic documents to fit your company’s needs. That will save time and money. I can also brand your documentation by tweaking the template to give your documentation a unique feel. If you use SharePoint or Confluence the content can be copied directly into the Application. However, should you experience an actual disaster be sure you have paper copies available in a safe area for use by staff?

Compliance projects

It is worth noting compliance projects generate more technical documentation than managers expect. Do not be surprised if the due diligence phase identifies up to 60 titles. 

  • Payment Cards Industry (PCI)
  • ISO27001
  • ITIL and ITSM Policy and process documentation

Confluence and SharePoint

  • Do you use Confluence or SharePoint, or both?
  • Have you lost control of the content/documentation?
  • Has the structure in Confluence been overridden by numerous spaces that are no longer valid, filled with legacy content and no ownership?
  • Poorly written Content and documents can hamper productivity and lead to mistakes.
  • You may need an expert eye to look over your Content and identify what is no longer required and seek to slim down the information contained in either.

Infrastructure Transformation

Are you about to start an infrastructure transformation project and have discovered the documentation has no value? Stress not. With help from SME’s and a series of interviews, the documentation will soon be underway. I wrote a booklet on such projects. If you would to read it contact me.

To help start the technical documentation, I have the following templates:

  • Operating templates
  • Installation guides
  • Profile document
  • Technical procedures for management

I have a collection of templates that can help get a plan up and running after consulting with your staff.

Please read my blogs and posts because you may find them useful. If you think I can help you do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements.

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